Today the Yellowstone Country Board of Commissioners voted to increase the price of beer by $1. The reason given is that it will help raise money to "co-promote" events like "bigger and better" acts. They may well raise a lot of money but I think they missed a real opportunity here to raise much more by thinking a little out of the box.

I think they should have lowered the price of beer by a dollar. This would accomplish two things:

1) They would sell a lot more beer (ever heard of the Laffer Curve?)

2) There would be a lot of people with full bladders who they could then hit with a dollar per visit surcharge to the bathrooms. Anyone drinking beer would be stamped with a un-removable beer logo that would let bathroom attendants who to charge.

I know that one beer makes me go pee at least 3 times. Sure they'd make one less dollar per beer BUT for every dollar they lost I'd be paying $3 to relieve myself. That's thinking right there in the head... so to speak!