Things have been movin' and shakin' at Crowne Plaza in downtown Billings.

This week marks the beginning of a nearly two-year renovation of the elevators for the building. It is part of a major makeover as the Crowne Plaza becomes a DoubleTree by Hilton by the end of 2016.

If you have ever ridden the elevators here then you know they are due for a major upgrade and that is exactly what they are getting.

When it's all said and done the Crowne will have eight nice new elevators. This includes the six public elevators and two service.

They will be much more efficient. These elevators will be computerized to communicate with each other. For example, if there is a large number of people leaving the building after work, these elevators will know that and place themselves on proper floors to accommodate the increase in traffic.

They will also communicate with its dispatch center. This means if a certain elevator is experiencing a break down, it will notify the proper channels before the actual event happens so that it can either be prevented or fixed faster.

The carriages will also be upgraded.

During the time of the renovation they will shut down two elevators at a time. If you come to Crowne Plaza you'll notice that elevator service will be slower than usual because there will be fewer elevators doing the overall work until this completed.

It will take roughly five months for each set of two lifts to be completed.

It may be a long road to the completion but when it's done it will be awesome.


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