My love affair with Lewistown this week has just reminded me what  nice area it is all around there. But the whole reason we went through there in the first place was to get to Crystal Lake.

I've seen the signs pointing to it hundreds of times on my way to and from Great Falls. But had never been to it before Saturday. And it's awesome. First of all if you turn at the sign either by Judith Gap or just west of Lewistown, it's pretty hard to get lost.

Once at the lake itself, there are camping spots and a boat ramp. But no internal combustion engines are allowed. It's only 15 feet deep, so it's better suited to floaters and kayaking.

We didn't experience it, but I've been told that the horseflies are horrendous there, so bring bug spray.

There's a trail around the lake that's just under 2 miles and is an easy hike for the whole family. If you want something more challenging, the hike to the ice caves is 5 miles each way.

Beautiful spot. We'll go back soon.

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