I am trying to figure out how it has been 30 year since I graduated High school. Really? Thirty years already? 

I think I just had one of those “moments” people talk about. No, not a senior moment. I still have those to look forward to. This is one of those “awaking” moments. That “a-ha” moment.

It feels like just last week that I was cruising to school in ’69 VW bug to Thomas Jefferson High School in Auburn, Washington. All of the high school excitement of football games, dances, leaving campus for lunch, and field trips to downtown Seattle don’t really feel like they were 30 years ago. But they were.

And now my high school class is closing in on our 30year high school reunion. I have a couple of problems with high school reunions.

First is the cost. Not so much the actual cost of the event, but the cost of travel. For those of us who have wandered from the home base, it ain’t cheap to get back. Weekend air travel is expensive. Couldn’t we move the days of the reunion to mid-week?

Second is Facebook. When you stop and think about it, Facebook has become a constant reunion for friends. I have re-connected with several childhood friends on Facebook. Many of them I went all the way through high school with. And anytime I want to chat with them, I click their name and say ‘hi”….just as good.

And what about using Skype? With technology, I would think we could create an event with Skype that all who wanted to join in on a reunion from the comfort of their own confines.


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