A lady in Vermont identified only as "Nichole" was shocked when she went to open her Tinder account and received a message that she had been banned for violating their terms of service.  The problem was that her profile picture showed her with a deer she had just presumably brought down.  There was no firearm in the picture, and she cropped the photo to eliminate any blood, but her picture was still flagged as inappropriate enough times that her account was suspended.  One Tinder user apparently screenshotted the profile picture and sent it to the woman's employer in hopes of causing her issues at work.

To see the picture and hear Nichole's take on things, check out this news story.

For the hunters out there, this story is already enough to get you "triggered,"but it gets worse...apparently, there are thousands of male profiles with similar pictures who have not been reported or flagged as inappropriate.  In other words, if you're a lady who enjoys hunting, you might want to keep that fact to yourself until after the first date.

I agree with the "no firearms" in profile pics rule because I'm sure there would be many wannabe gangstas with their gats held sideways and pointed into the camera.  I can even see the point of no bloody or grotesque pictures, but her photo was pretty benign and if you have any Montana friends in your profile feed, you've probably seen the same kind of stuff on many occasions.  And, of course, being a hunter is nothing to be ashamed of if you're doing it within the bounds of the law.

If you're a lady who loves to hunt and it's caused a dating or work issue for you, feel free to share.


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