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We've been on the air here for 33 years. The most common question we get is, "When are you guys gonna retire?" For Paul, the answer is never. Farming and ranching require that you work until you meet up with Rigor A. Mortis. But for me, the answer is that I don't really know.

I mean that someday we will quit coming in here at 5 a.m. but a guy's got to have something to do.

I had lunch at Tiny's Tavern yesterday and ran into Curt, who's one of the three co-owners. They've been working their butts off down there for longer than we've been on Cat Country. So, I asked Curt when they were going to retire. His reply was "And do WHAT all day?" Good answer.

When I was younger I thought sitting around with nothing to do all day would be great. But now that I'm closer to it, I'm not so sure. Six weeks of not being able to go out for a meal really opened my eyes to doing nothing all day.

I've also seen retirees who turned to drinking and/or drugs because they had nothing to do and nobody to play with. I wouldn't want that.

I'll travel some and see places that I haven't seen but always wanted to. I have never seen the northeastern part of the U.S.A  I'd like to visit there when the leaves are turning. I've heard that it's quite a sight to see.

Then I'd need a part-time job of some sort. I'll have to check her website and see if Sheryl Crow's road crew has any openings. You never know.

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