If you can drive, you can make a bundle right now. It doesn't matter what you want to drive either. Everyone needs drivers. Fed X and UPS can't get enough help now or anytime it seems to get their packages out. There is a severe shortage of truck drivers to move freight anywhere in America. The bottleneck at our ports can only be relieved if we can find enough trucks to move it.

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You may recall during the Trump administration, he relaxed the rules on drive time to get the supplies needed for co-vid out to the country. This should be done again. The cattle markets have been hit as well, not enough drivers to clear the stockyards of animals sold and so prices have dropped even though the demand for beef is up.

Just this week, we heard the story of a snowplow driver shortage. Montana is trying to hire close to 100 drivers to clear the roads and we sure could use them now. One problem is that job requires a CDL license. I don't know why when it is a different class truck than a semi. In fact, farmers in the state are exempt from having a CDL if they are driving their own truck.

If governor Gianforte would temporarily lift that restriction, wheat and beet farmers who drive all fall and summer could fill that void. Plus, I don't know any farmer out there whose hourly wage on the farm would work out to be over 22 dollars an hour and paid more for overtime. Just a thought.

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