Charities sometimes get a bad wrap. There is an email being circulated again, it's been going around for several years now.

It is about different charities and what they do with the funds and how much the CEO's of these companies make.

As my mother always told me and I tell my kids, there are always two sides to every story.

Here is the side of the story that I want to tell you about Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain Inc.

First I am a huge fan of Easter Seals - Goodwill and everything that they do.

I used to help host their Telethons on TV for many years.

They operate 18 Goodwill stores in 3 states and their profits are used to support their programs.

Many people think Goodwill stores exist only to sell used items for low prices to people who are on limited incomes.

NOT TRUE .. their stores exist to support their mission to create opportunities that change lives for the more than 17,000 people they serve.

Easter Seals-Goodwill provides 41 different programs offering employment and job training; community integration and housing for adults with intellectual disabilities; children’s therapy; and health-related services for adults and seniors in 42 locations across Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

You can read personal stories of some of the people whose lives have been transformed through Easter Seals-Goodwill programs in their Annual Report.

If you truly want to know what Easter Seals - Goodwill does and about their programs go to

Remember just because you heard it on the Radio or saw it on TV or read about it in the Newspaper, doesn't mean it's always the whole story.

Do your own research and be informed.



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