• Add Columbus and Big Timber to the list of schools that now have metal detectors. I delivered those yesterday, then took a 13 on the last hole on the Overland course in Big Timber. (The course is in phenomenal shape, by the way) Thanks to Chris White for taking the drive and helping me out.
  • I'm not too big on famous memorabilia, but if I had four million spare dollars, I'd buy the Mustang used in the movie "Bullitt." It goes on the block next January.
  • I've got my first fantasy football draft today. Got any sleepers for me?
  • Today is the 42nd anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. Graceland has a camera on the grounds so you can watch all of the day's festivities. And since I knew you'd ask, here are my top 3 Elvis songs. #3 Kentucky Rain, #2 Burnin' Love, and #1 Promised Land.
  • I think that I'm going to put my old car in Burn The Point this year.
  • It's getting harder and harder to stay awake until sunset for me.
  • It may require patience because the storm affected so many, but please be sure to use LOCAL businesses to fix your cars, your roofs, your gutters and whatever else was damaged.
  • I hope you'll join us for another exciting episode of "23 Floors With The Flakes." And feel free to submit questions for Johnny to ask. You can watch episodes on our YouTube or Instagram accounts.

Have a great weekend.

Save draft.

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