One topic, as bad as it gets.

It's time for Farmer Finishers this week and I'm afraid I have some bad news. Tuesday during our early morning discussion we talked about the future of electricity in Montana. Not good.

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According to the Department of Economic Research in Missoula, their director said that Montana will have to be an importer of electricity by 2035. Folks, that's only 12 years...and our state which is rich in all of the natural resources will be dependent on others for our power.

So here's a question: where is it going to come from? Washington? No, they're searching for it now. Oregon? Nope, California is already experiencing blackouts. Maybe Wyoming? If they don't fall for all the fossil fuel BS. Today the great state of Texas asked the people there to conserve so they have enough to go around. Texas, with wind, solar, gas, oil, more than anyone in the country, now running out.

You Democrats voted for all of this so shut yours off first and walk. Put solar panels on your roof and get a smaller more energy-efficient home. Keep your heat at 68 in the winter and your AC at 75 in the summer. Show all the rest of us that when you vote for Democrats, you are willing to live like one.

You have to be loving the 4-dollar-a-gallon gas prices, as your guy promised to get rid of all fossil fuels. So smile when you fill up you got what you voted for so embrace it you phonies. Enjoy your new shower heads that are illegal in California.

We'll see you here Monday at 5.

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