Another week is in the books, so let's review with Farmer Finishers.

The big question this week was how you named your dog...and more importantly what kind of dog food do you feed your beloved? Thanks for all the suggestions and I will put them to use next time around.

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We also learned one thing this week and that is a lot of you folks are NOT going to waste money on fancy caskets and expensive burial plots. Me neither. Almost everyone is for the ashes route and spread them in some special place. Oh ya, and don't forget about the party to follow.

We also heard how Senator Jon Tester is the only candidate who will answer questions in a town hall setting. B.S. He will do all kind of things in a public setting but come in here on the Flakes Show and answer them. Don't pay any attention to his ads.

Do you know how many times I've seen the Red Lobster commercials where they show you these mouth-watering lobsters and then when you get the lobster it looks nothing like the ones in the commercial? Same thing with the Tester adds. Unfortunately, if the ads get you into Red Lobster the Tester ads will work with some voters.

Folks, it's only going to get worse. They plan on putting 10's of millions of dollars into this state and it's only December 1st. I know we are all sick of them already but that's the world we live in now. Wait till they start bombarding your cell phone ugh...

See ya Monday morning at 5.

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