This week in Farmer Finishers I don't know where to start.

I lost out on one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in Lewistown so I guess I'll just keep dreaming about it. The more this crazy world gets the more I dream.

Today is an awful day for this country. The influx of people illegally running into our country is going to make it the largest city in America soon. New York has 8.6 million people. Los Angeles is second at 3.8. By the end of 2023 at this current rate, more illegals will have come in under Joe Biden that if all in one location would be the largest city in America.

Border Patrol Monitors US-Mexico Border As Surge Of Migrants Strains Resources
Credit: Mario Tama, Getty Images


Think of the impacts on housing, education, and the medical system. Why aren't we hearing about the environmental impact on the climate? You know how much energy it takes to supply the largest city in America. The garbage generated alone will be overwhelming and nothing from the left.

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What about the welfare system where is all of that money going to come from? We have spent years trying to eliminate things like measles and whooping cough are their vaccination records up to date?

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Where are all these bilingual teachers going to come from? We heard this week we are already short. Where are we going to get enough for what will equate to the largest city in America?

I'm not worried about pissing anyone off with this either since Facebook will block it.

To all mothers out there Happy Mother's Day. You're the best and I know you're just as worried about your children's future as I am.

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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