Is it almost July or is it January? This week, as we wrap up with Farmer Finishers, we are on the verge of a winter storm. Not so much here, but out west, it’s a different story. Many of you like to go to Georgetown Lake; maybe not advisable this weekend. Six inches of snow there and over a foot expected on MacDonald Pass. How about Columbia Falls? A possible 18 to 24 inches. That's really hard on wheat crops. I am praying for rain in our area, though.

The East/West Shrine Game is this weekend, Saturday night at 7, among many other things here if you're around over Father’s Day. I miss mine, but I know he's much better off where he's at. I always hear from all of my kids, and that's the only gift I need.

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I'm still pissed about FWP introducing prairie dogs in Garfield County. That's a decision that the people there will regret forever. They already have plenty, and we don't need to spread the damage and destruction any further.

We also, this week, added to the reward for the punk asses who are responsible for the graffiti on the rims. Put some trail cameras up there and use social media to find them. Then we need to give them a bucket and a scrub brush to remove all of it, and they can only work on removing it when it’s 90 degrees. It shouldn't be too difficult to catch them. Maybe if a home improvement store notices a bunch of marked-up teenagers coming in and buying a dozen cans of spray paint, they should take note... Just saying.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, and we'll see ya here Monday at 5.

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