This week in Farmer Finishers brings back some memories. We had quite a bit of history on the D-Day invasion 80 years ago. Pretty good stuff from the guys who are still living, who can still see it, hear its sounds, and remember the smells 80 years later. All heroes, most of them gone now. My sister sent me a picture of my dad taking part in the Paris Victory march that happened after D-Day. He always loved his country and had great admiration for those who weren't able to come home. He died on June 8th, four years ago, and I know he's with some of his buddies again. Old soldiers never lose that camaraderie they experienced.

Election results were this week, and Yellowstone County did an excellent job with the election. Out of the 103,000 voters that were eligible to vote, we only had a 41% turnout. The general election usually has between 60 and 70 percent, and all indications are pointing to a large turnout this November. We'll see.

The new bypass is now open, which will help rid some of the traffic congestion trying to get to the Heights. Hopefully, the poor people who live on 32nd will be able to get out of their driveways with the increased traffic volume there. It seems that there are always winners and losers when something like that opens. The pass opened this week, so it's smooth sailing all the way to Cook City now.

Enjoy the weekend, and we'll see ya back here Monday at 5.

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