Another fast-paced week with some pretty powerful discussions on everything from school performance to parents who need tips on how to raise children. Don't let anyone tell you how to raise your kids, especially the people who have been responsible for the destruction of the family unit for so many years. Know one should ever lay a hand on your child for any procedure without your permission, PERIOD.

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We also had a chance behind the scenes this week to talk to two prominent Republicans in Washington and rest assured I really let them have it. Ask Mark, he witnessed it. I did not candy-coat anything and vented my frustration with the direction of America and just what in the hell are we going to do to fix it.

Republicans x Democrats
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We need a cleanse from top to bottom. Every bureaucracy, every agency top to bottom has to be filtered and cleaned out to save this great nation. There is little time remaining or the damage will be unfixable.

The 30 and under crowd has been completely indoctrinated and brainwashed and taught to believe what we know is poisoned. Their mentors are the fuel behind the movement to change America and none of them know what's at stake. They will when it's too late. Your words won't hurt me so say what you want. Your intimidation by labeling people won't work here either. I know I'm on the right side of trying to save this country and I hope you are too.

Have a great weekend and let's go branding...Get it?

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See you Monday at 5 a.m.

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