First thing today in Farmer Finishers is I want to wish everyone a happy Easter. I was wondering if people who don't believe in God still take Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas off, just wondering.

It seems every Easter when people have to travel that we get slick roads so will be the story on Sunday. If you're traveling east past my favorite town of Glendive, you might want to stop and fill up. Gas in Glendive is $3.23, almost 40 cents a gallon cheaper than our town with 3 refineries, go figure.

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News this week that the Flakes Trip for 2025 is already sold out so sorry if you missed out. However, they are starting a waiting list in case of any cancellations and we usually get a couple each year.

I have to tell you, the calving weather this year has been great. I'm about half done and I know I speak for the others that do it and they're happy about the weather too. Don't worry we'll get some spring rains to catch us up we almost always do.

Our list of people who will be joining us at some future parade has been growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone is on board to hand out flags and suckers to the kids. So just a note to the Downtown Billings Association, you're going to need a bigger jail so get moving on that. You can arrest me first, and there'll be lots of pictures that go viral. (Editors note: we are aware that it is "Downtown Billings Alliance" and that the repercussions for handouts are a $100 fine, not jail time.)

Have a safe weekend and we'll see ya back here Monday at 5.

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