People are more than willing to pay more for quality. I see it all the time even with the Flakes trip. You can find cheaper, if you like diarrhea and bed bugs go for it. The reason I bring this up is the Farmers market starts in Billings on July the 15th. Now if you look hard enough at places like Winco and others you can find cheaper produce and goodies, but the quality isn't as fresh and good as market merchandise. Farmers markets are local too so the money stays close to home. There is a new trend across America now where Farmers Markets can now accept food assistance vouchers. I don't know if anyone at ours can do that yet. People love the quality though, maybe that's why there are 7000 Farmers Markets listed with the U.S.D.A. That's up from only 2000 in 1994. Some markets around the country aren't true to form. Many Wholesalers and retailers try to get in and capture the enthusiasm of customers searching for the local, freshest available. As far as I know I believe ours downtown is local and Farmer produced only. The season has been weird this year, running later than normal but by the 15th there should be plenty around to fill your appetite for the best. Plus things like breads and rolls will all be there at the get go.  So, bring your coolers and not your dogs and fill up with quality home grown food that is so much better for you. You can even find local Honey to help with your allergies... See ya tomorrow at 5.

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