For the first time, ever December 8th will be a day that my daughter will always remember and hopefully will make up for what didn't happen back in July.

One of the traditions that I have with my daughter is going to buy fireworks together. We always go in my 68 Impala to the same fireworks stand. We could actually call it "Can we get some of those day". Once we get about a hundred bucks worth of explosives on the counter, she will ask if we can also get some of something that we haven't picked out yet. That's how we end up with parachuting army men, spinning & sparkling pinwheels, and the big boomers that will rattle the neighbors' pictures off the wall.

So we got a couple of pretty good-sized boxed of explosives and headed back home. But we couldn't light them off because of the county restrictions due to how hot & dry it was in our area. It broke my heart to tell her. But our fireworks show was going to have to be postponed for the first time. She was not happy,

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But now that we've got snow in the forecast for Monday night and maybe more Tuesday, it will be the Fourth of July at my house on Wednesday, December 8th.

It's going to be epic. Because not only do I have the stuff we bought this year. I've also got leftovers from the previous 3 or 4 extravaganzas held at my place. PLUS, my burn pile is pretty good-sized and ready for ignition.

My neighbors have been warned and also invited to the celebration. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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