Radio stations just want you to listen to them. That's what we want.,but it's not necessarily what we get.

If you are listening to Cat Country, even a little this week, you know it's all about Flakesgiving. You know where to send donations. You know that Friday is meal assembly day, and Saturday we deliver meals and hand out meals to anybody who needs one. With no questions asked. If you need a meal, then come get one.

We offer delivery. But we are limited on how many we can do. So once the allotted number of deliveries are taken, then we can't do anymore. We do it this way to ensure that every person who comes down Saturday to get a meal, gets one.

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The most common question asked of us is "Hey, can I get another meal for so and so". The answer is no. The person will then start to tell me their story. Sorry. This is the way it works.

And you know what? If you had listened to the radio station, even briefly this week, you would already know everything that you needed to get a Flakesgiving box. Not a "turkey box".

So, if you would like to learn all about Flakesgiving, tune in to 102.9 on your FM dial Or listen live on the Cat Country 1029 app. Or you can stream us online at

If you do tune in, please be prepared for some information and occasional humor. It's what we do.

And this week, we do "turkey boxes" too.

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