It's been quite a year around here folks and it all comes to an end next week. Flakesgiving will wrap the busiest year ever for the Flake's Foundation that has really stepped up over the last year. Or I should say YOU stepped up. It was a very tumultuous year for many.

  • We helped out the struggling restaurants in our town with our Restaurant Possible promotion and it went way better than we could have anticipated. Thanks to YOU.
  • We then moved into our next mode to "Back The Blue and Raised over $50,000 for body cameras that are now working for the BPD. Thank YOU.
  • We sent out more metal detectors to help out the Boys and Girls Ranch. Thank YOU.
  • We helped get the Laurel K-9 unit up and running Thank YOU.
  • We paid for numerous gym memberships at APC for veterans around the area to get back in the gym and work out with other vets who miss that military comradery. Thank YOU.
  • We just finished with our huge Dog House Parade that when we finally add up the numbers will result in a large donation to the Yellowstone Valley Animal shelter. Thank YOU.
  • Now it's the last event of the year and of course the biggest one, Flakesgiving. All the donations from you will enable us not only to feed between 10-15 thousand people but will also help fund the next great projects on the list.

Yes, it's been quite a year for all of us and there is a special place for all of you who make this all possible. In advance, for your help, next week Thank You again and again.

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