I've decided to give a little synopsis of what all went on in the studio here this morning leading up to our Flakesgiving Basket assembly day that will take place tomorrow. Something we have always done is play songs for donations. So that's why if you tuned in this morning you got to hear a couple of songs from Marty Robbins. "Followed by Angels Among Us", The Chair, "You Don't Seem To Miss Me", and "Cats In The Cradle".

A few years back we had a lady donate money to play a song by the Dixie Chicks, who we had quit playing years before due to a  poll we took of our listeners. The donation was big enough that we decided to play them. About thirty seconds into the Chicks singing, we got a bigger donation if we would stop their song. So we did. It's all about the dollars during Flakesgiving week.

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We did get a heartwarming story from a lady who called in to get a meal delivered. After she gave us her information, she explained that she had very little money left for November. Her family wouldn't have been able to have a Thanksgiving meal with her family. Stories like these are what keep this event going. It's the good that is getting done.

I will say that we were not able to fill one order of an apple pie that was requested with a delivery. But we do the best that we can.

The most interesting way to donate?  An old girlfriend of mine. Who challenged all of my exes to contribute. Very funny.

Tomorrow is the first of two big days for our event. We will be in the studio at 5. So, if you'd like to call in your donation early, We will be here. Thanks in advance.

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