It's hard to believe, but there is just two weeks and one day remaining before Thanksgiving.  What else does that mean for many people across America?  Frightening casserole dishes that they will be forced to consume. 

So in another edition of "Fletcher VS. Food", we asked our Facebook listeners to post those frightening dishes that some relative makes and brings to the table every year.

  • Dick Fletcher - DAMN GREEN BEAN SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tara Hubbard - I actually like Green bean casserole...not Stuffing though. YUCK!
  • Danealle Orcutt - anything with beets or yams!!! yucky ! lol
  • Ashley Smith Hartse - Canned cranberries
  • Cassandra Powell - Sweet corn... sweet potatos...and yams..they are by far the worst!!!!!
  • Valerie Eisner - Green bean casserole..YUCK!!!!!!