Former Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-Montana), who has made no bones about letting people know he has the White House in his sights for 2016, was quoted as saying "If Edward Snowden is a criminal, then so are a lot of people that are working within the CIA and the NSA who have been spying illegally on American citizens" in an interview with Slate magazine. He's calling on President Obama to grant clemency to Snowden, a fugitive from justice currently residing in Moscow, Russia.

So far Schweitzer, who's always been a maverick within his own party, has found little company in congress willing to support his position save for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. It remains to be seen if his support for Snowden will help or hurt his candidacy for the job of most powerful person in the world but taking into account that he's currently polling between zero and 2 percent nationally there's nowhere to go but up.