I love getting requests for my dad's songs. Those always get played.

"Wednesdays With Wilson" at the Blue Cat could be a great feature.

They are closing part of the Going To The Sun Road this weekend. It's getting to be that time of the year.

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Marco Polos that are more than a year old self-delete if you use the free app. I just learned that this week.

Toby Keith's speech at the People's Choice Awards was exactly what a speech should be. Heartfelt, he thanked the important people in his career. It was less than a minute long, and even though he received their icon award, I still think he's underrated.

It was announced this week that Bozeman would get a Chik-fil-A. It opens in March of next year. I still haven't eaten at the one we've got here yet.

Tickets for Toto & Journey go on sale today. If you attend, you're going to hear a lot of hit songs. I'd like to go just during one song. I want to be there when thousands of drunk people my age scream along with "DON'T....STOP.....BELEEEVIN!"

The new Chris Young song "Young Love & Saturday Nights" uses the guitar riff from David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel". And it's a great song. I like most of his stuff. Dan & Shay? Not so much. I've never gotten to speak with whoever schedules the music for our company. But if I ever get to, I will ask about them.

And to our new digital gal, Jackie, if this article doesn't make it on Facebook today, I am toilet-papering your office. (Jaci has no control over the website issues we've been having...but HEY...you remembered my name after telling me you wouldn't!)

Friday Night Lights

Time of year when traditions are kept and rivals meet!

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