Last week, we talked about creamed corn, which I've never been a fan of. So I thought I'd go through the list of what this picky eater won't eat, even if it's free.

Let's go back to my childhood, where I was "dinner plate" abused. If mom cooked it, that's what you're having for dinner. End of story. And even if she knew that you hated it, you still had to have at least one bite. One pea. One beet. One forkful of liver and onions. Love my mom dearly, but I still blame her.

When I got to school, even if they didn't serve one thing that I didn't like, they had the courtesy to have those trays with little compartments so none of your food items were touched.

I never even tried gravy until I was in high school. Some of it ran over the top of one of the compartments onto my bread. And it was pretty good. Now I'm a huge gravy guy.

Taste quality in schools in the seventies and eighties was a lot different than what kids get now. Until you've choked down one of those soy (supposed to pass as McDonald's caliber) hamburgers.

Then on Fridays, our treat was sheet pizza. No pepperoni. No sausage. Eat it or don't. Those were your options.

I have actually gotten better as I've gotten older. I'll eat ham, but it can't be the star of the dish.

Other than tuna, I won't touch mayonnaise. And definitely Best Foods over Miracle Whip.

And when I get invited to somebody's house for dinner, I always ask what's for supper.

If their answer was couscous, I didn't make it to that one.

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