Lainey Wilson is on fire. But it's time for "Heart Like A Truck" to take a little rest and release a new single.

Suzy Bogguss is coming back to Montana. She's playing "Coalstock" in Colstrip on July 25th.  And there's a bar there that's for sale. And everybody who lives in Colstrip gets to play golf for free. Very tempting.

suzy boggus somewhere between

Montana got a lot of nationwide coverage with a video of a twister that was on top of the mountains over by St Ignatius.

Grand Avenue is getting a couple of new traffic signals. One at 32nd. And one at 48th. They say "traffic signal". I say "stop light".

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Morgan Wallen has been put on vocal rest for 6 weeks. I know a couple of people that I wish that would happen to.

Credit: Terry Wyatt / Stringer, Getty Images
Credit: Terry Wyatt / Stringer, Getty Images

Without using the app, I walked into the Dominos Pizza in the Heights this week. I ordered a pizza and wings. I walked out 12 minutes later with my food. But be aware, Dominos won't let you buy a dozen wings. It's eight or 16. Those are your choices.

Going through my friend requests on Facebook. I still don't understand how you and I have 178 mutual friends and don't know each other.

Working here is an interesting way of making a living. And Paul and I have some pretty interesting conversations when we're the off the air as well as when we are on. But on the air this week, Paul came up with "Jon Tester shouldn't be on Facebook, he should be on a cookbook."

Spoil your mom this weekend if you've still got one.

Mother and daughter at home mother's day sitting daughter hugging mom kissing cheek joyful
Credit: Victoria Gnatiuk / Getty Images

See you back here Monday at 5.

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