Cold weather prep.

The cold snap this week reminded me just how awesome heated seats are.

I got the sprinklers blown out just in time. I have decided that I'll be paying somebody else to mow my yard. It is time.

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The music we play.

I was talking music with some listeners at our remote at The Bet Casino on Thursday night. Apparently, we play too much Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs' "Fast Car" and that guy from Australia (Keith Urban). Duly noted.

Downtown updates.


I also had somebody tell me that the US Bank parking lot is going to charge folks to park there 24/7. Dear downtown Billings, this won't help you get people downtown.

More on taxes.

We have had a lot of discussion about the 143 MILLION dollar levy that the city is asking for to build a rec center and throw some money at the trails and parks. The property taxpayers have had enough. And this ask isn't even for infrastructure or more police officers. it's for recreation! The taxpayers don't owe you recreation.

Flakes related events.

It's been several years since I put money into a gaming machine. While I was watching people play last night, I realized that I didn't know how to play them!

We'll be getting people signed up next Thursday at Godfather's Pizza in the Heights. This one is a lunchtime stop-by from 11-1. Did somebody say "Taco Pizza"?

And tonight (10/27) it's Bingo at The Rhodeside Event Center in Huntley. This time it's a fundraiser for Flakesgiving. Doors open at 6.

See you Monday morning at 5.

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