Wow. Those Kane Brown tickets that we gave out (before they go on sale officially) were extremely popular.

According to the Metrapark website, there are plenty of tickets left for Dierks Bentley tomorrow night. And unlike many bigger venues, parking is still free.

Since I'm talking tickets, I checked on Miranda Lambert tickets for her residency at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. I could be a V.I.P for just $299.00 per ticket.

Happy 56th wedding anniversary to Jim and Julie Jorgenson.

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If you want to get out of the house this weekend, there are plenty of things going on. I'm planning on checking out the remembrance ride. They are meeting up at Laurel Chevrolet at 11 Saturday morning and then head into Billings. They are expecting more than 500 bikes. I suspect that there will be quite a few American flags.

9-11 Rememberance Ride
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II dying was the big news nationally this week. I know very little about how royalty works over there. But I did get a laugh at the meme showing Prince Charles, who is now KING Charles, with a caption under his picture that said "73-year-old man finally gets a job".

I'm glad that Major Dan Miller got some recognition for his 90th birthday this week. He's one of the best radio folks that I've run across in my time in broadcasting.

Apparently, Mt. Rainier out in Washington is venting a little steam. And so volcanologists are going to install monitoring equipment. Seems to me that maybe this should have been done a long time ago. And while they are out there, they should really take the tour of the Rainier beer brewery.

Have a great weekend and be nice to each other in traffic.

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