If you're like me, the end of the fair officially makes me think of what sort of outdoor activities that I want to do before the snow flies.

Alive After Five

For starters, I'll hit Alive After 5 at Tiny's this Thursday. This is a series of events that I really enjoy. You get to see a lot of folks that you know and it's over early. Perfect for me. After having all of these canceled last year, I hear from a lot of folks who missed the opportunity to get together.

Blackhawk at Red Oxx

Blackhawk at the Red Oxx Events Lawn Friday. I've never seen a show here but I'm guessing that you won't have to walk very far from where you park as the venue doesn't look like it will hold too many people.

Dive to Absarokee

Fall drives to Absarokee are also something that fits on my "almost fall" list. Today's drive will feature multiple stops for pictures of the leaves changing color, driving over leaves that have fallen on the roadway, and enjoying the view in my rearview mirror as I imagine what a great sports car commercial this would be if anybody was filming it. A burger at the Grizzly Bar and a little stroll down the main street in Red Lodge, and maybe a quick stop at the Chrome Bar to say howdy.

This time of the year is really the best time to golf. So many of the hot weather golfers are sighting in hunting rifles or getting that one last trail hike in before it snows.

What are your "end of season" plans this year?

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