My job here requires me to be active on social media, and in doing so I see a lot of political opinions that I don't agree with. And today was hard. Hard to just sit there and watch all of the anti gun wackos raising hell about how better guns laws would have prevented the nightclub shooting in Orlando. No it wouldn't have. And you know it. So, stop it!

If you don't want to own a gun, that's fine. But quit trying to take one of my constitutionally guaranteed rights from me. You don't get to believe in only SOME parts of it. And it's funny that so many go back to the "Freedom Of Speech" that is guaranteed, to go after guns, which are also guaranteed. Knock it off.

Montana has one one of the highest concentrations of gun owners in America. And 100% of the gun owners that I know have NEVER SHOT ANYBODY! Whew.


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