I told myself I would stop watching videos that upset me, but somehow this one got through.  The video features some vegan protesters who are unhappy about two gentleman fishing in a park.  One of them sends his son out first to say, "Do you know fish feel pain?"  After they don't give him much of a response, the dad jumps in and gives them the full lecture about how fish feel love and pain just like we do.  If we were equipped with emojis here, I would be using the eye rolling one...not because this person has an opinion that is different than mine, but his information is false.

Of course fish feel pain.  Animals that don't feel pain tend to vacate the planet pretty quickly. However, to equate the way a fish brain processes pain to the way a human brain processes pain is ridiculous and certainly isn't supported by science, as he suggests in the video.  A fish doesn't think "Oh no! I'm caught. God help me I'm going to die!" They simply don't have any processing power beyond the raw "try and get away" survival instinct. To suggest that fish "feel love" is just insane.

The real point to me writing all of this is to remind everyone, both protesters and those who enjoy hunting and fishing, that this harassment is illegal. These activities are protected under Montana law and many other states have the same restrictions. So, if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of this type of harassment, don't fall into the trap of escalating into a terrible situation (like throwing the guy off the bridge which I'm sure many were hoping), but call FWP or the local authorities.  They are on your side and will protect your rights.

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