One thing I love is history. When it comes to The Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, it is full of it. From the deadly riot that took place in 1959 to the executions of inmates and mysterious deaths that took place there. There are countless stories of it being very haunted. Yes, I watched the Ghost Adventures episode from this location...

The "Old Prison" served as the Montana Territorial Prison from the time it was built in 1871 until Montana became a State in 1889, then it ran as the official State Prison for the State of Montana until 1979.

This place is extremely intriguing and screams with knowledge and history that took place in a very own backyard.

The prison isn't the only thing to see! If you haven't been there, you really need to see the other 5 museums that are on-site. Aside from the prison there is Frontier Montana, the Montana Auto Museum, Yesterday's Playthings and the Powell County Museum.

This is definitely worth the road trip this summer!

Have you been there? Tell us about it!

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