It's always exciting to see people from Montana represent the United States during the Olympics.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics starts next Friday, July 23rd and people are excited to see all of the events from track & field to basketball to new events like skateboarding and surfing. The thing is the United States Olympic Team consists of 621 athletes from across the fifty states and we have a few Montanans going to represent us. Actually, we have three Montanans heading to Tokyo.

Here are the three Montanans on the Olympic squad.

  • Nicole Heavirland- Out of Whitefish Montana, the 26-year-old will be competing for the United States in the Women's Rugby 7 on 7 Events. The Women's Rugby events will start Thursday, July 29th.
  • Nick Mowrer- Out of Butte, Montana, Nick will be competing in the Shooting Events which starts on the first day of the Tokyo Olympics Friday, July 23rd.
  • Ali Weisz- From right here in the Gallatin Valley(Belgrade), Ali will be competing in Shooting Events as well.

As soon as we find out times for these athletes we will update this post so we can support our fellow Montanans and hopefully see them go on to win a medal in their respected events.

When I was growing up here in Montana I never knew Montana had any Olympians because I always thought they came from bigger cities unless they were in the Winter Olympics, but I love seeing Montanans in the Summer Olympics too.

We want to wish the three Montanans the best of luck and hopefully can bring back some gold!

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