Some areas of Montana got more than 2 feet of total snow accumulation over the past couple weekends, with some getting almost that much this past weekend.

According to the National Weather Service central and south central Montana snowfall totals from October 23-25, the most accumulation was on the north side of Livingston, picking up 20 inches over the weekend. Fishtail recorded 19 inches, 17 inches for Big Timber, with Joliet getting 14 inches of total weekend accumulation.

Snowfall totals for Yellowstone County showed the high mark in Pompey's Pillar with 9.7 inches, and the south side of Billings at 8.5 inches. Most of Billings got between 4 and 7 inches this past weekend.

Here are some of the photos that were shared from across our region on our Facebook page:

October 2020 Snow in Montana


Posted by Cat Country 102.9 on Sunday, October 25, 2020

CLICK HERE to see the complete snowfall totals from our region from October 23-25.

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