• John Wick 3 will hit theaters May 17th. The only way they could have made these movies any better would be to add Halle Berry AND attack German Shepherds. Which they apparently did.
  • If you missed it this week, I covered why the Crock-Pot is the greatest invention of all time. And if you've got a good Crock-Pot recipe, I'd love to have you share it.
  • The Flakes Trip picture party is tomorrow at the Muzzle Loader from 1-3. Everybody that's ever traveled with us is welcome.
  • I don't get a 5 o'clock shadow in two hours when I shave my back.
  • I actually DIDN'T buy Victoria's Secret gift cards for Sheryl Crow.
  • Sure gonna miss Earl Thomas Conley.
  • I miss my brother and sister. And not just on National Siblings Day.
  • We will head to Rygate next week to deliver another metal detector, with more schools to be announced soon.
  • The "Marco Polo" app is pretty awesome. You can record and watch video messages with your friends.
  • Talk to your state legislators about how they voted on the gun safety bill in Helena.
  • I'm finally biting the bullet and going back in for skin testing for my allergies. Unfortunately, that means that I can't take ANY allergy medication until Tuesday afternoon.

Have a great weekend. Try to be kind to each other in traffic.



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