It's time once again for a look back on my week with Friday Fragments. Let's see...

  • I've gotten reconnected with a friend from 40 years ago. We had lunch at Sam & Louie's and it was fabulous. Great Pizza.
  • Did you ever notice how most farm broadcasters sound a lot alike?
  • Zac Brown announced their 2020 tour and I'm going to try to go see them.
  • I'm not saying that I eat at Taco John's a lot, but I'm invited to their Christmas party this weekend.
  • Ten days into the new year, I STILL haven't bought a new gun.
  • We had our trip document party this week and saw about 100 of the biggest smiles in one room that you'll ever see. It is always great to see folks who've traveled with us multiple times. I look forward to getting to know some new friends where the drinks are free.
  • I learned about "The World's Hottest Grandma" who is raising money for agencies involved in the fire fighting effort. For every ten dollars you send, she sends you something called "Premium Content." Hmm.

On a serious note, I have got a friend whose alcohol addiction is close to ending him. Getting him in for treatment has been one of the most frustrating processes that I've ever been involved with. Hope he gets in soon. Praying.

As always, thanks for listening. On and off the air.

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