There comes a time when a good worker just needs a day off. Am I right? It has nothing to do with being lazy even though there are those that would make up the excuse just to get out of work because of being lazy.

I am talking about those that don't have a day off coming and they've worked themselves to the point where they just need a break. I have been there and I am far from being one who slacks off on the job.

I even fell in the studio about a year and a half ago do to exhaustion after pushing myself very hard with extremely crazy hours for weeks. It wasn't my excuse, but my boss did make me take a few days off to regain my composure.

I don't think I have ever used an excuse to get out of work personally but I have known others that have come up with some pretty decent reasons. Reasons that if I were their boss, I am not so sure I would believe.

Even though unemployment has been going down lately in Montana, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry has plenty of jobs for those looking to take advantage of. Just be careful when playing hooky so you don't get yourself fired.

What's the craziest excuse you or someone you know has ever used to get out of work? Holla on the Cat Line at 406-248-5665.

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