It's official - I am turning into a cranky old man. I am admitting it.

I stopped in at the coffee shop downstairs at the Crown Plaza this morning. It was one of the those mornings, and I felt the need for a quick pick me up.

I order my drink – Single Ice Grande Mocha, 5 pumps of chocolate, light ice, extra chocolate whip cream. Simple right? I like light ice so they jam more whipped cream into the drink. For me, the espresso only lends to the flavor of the chocolate.

As I am waiting in line, I hear one of my favorite baristas telling someone that this is the last week of the delicious raspberry coffee cake. She tells them it is a summer promotion. Wait….summer goes until September 20th! Let’s not rush the end of summer….I want my raspberry coffee cake.

So I order a piece of cake to go with my simple to make mocha.

As I pay for my drink, I notice that the Barista is adding a second scoop of ice, I tell her I wanted light ice…she gives me a look, dumps the drink and makes it again. Hey, I want what I want.

I get my remade mocha, collect my raspberry coffee cake and head up the elevator. I take a peek into my bag and check my dessert and that’s when I get annoyed. I see that the barista has put my coffee cake into the bag icing first. You know what this means?

It means that I won’t get to enjoy the rich, sweet icing because it is all stuck to the bottom of the paper sack! I had half a mind to go back down and complain…and then it hit me.

I am turning into a cranky old man. Or am I?

Maybe I need to back off on the chocolate!

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