If you love small town life, Montana has plenty of them to pick from; however, most people who live in tiny towns typically have to commute to the city to do do their job. With Montana being so spread out, it can definitely add some big city stress to small town living.

The reason I'm so curious about this is that I have been looking at some property just outside of Roundup. If you're looking to get a good sized piece of land, your money definitely goes a lot further outside of Billings. The decision I'm struggling with is: Do I want to drive 600 miles a week just to commute to and from work? Of course, another thing you have to consider in Montana is weather. A drive that takes you 45 minutes in August might take over 2 hours in January.

Anybody out there with any encouraging words? If you make the trip to Billings from Roundup, Roberts, Red Lodge, Columbus, etc. I'd love to hear from you. I would really love to be outside of the city and have room for redneck toys, but the mileage is a bit intimidating. Is it worth it?