I've never been one for sweet barbecue sauce so when I heard Dickey's was bringing their Texas style barbecue to the former location of the Log Cabin Bakery on Montana Avenue I was pretty excited. The only other time I've had authentic Texas style barbecue was at Stubb's in Austin and it was some of the best smoked meat I'd ever had in my life. I love the vinegar based sauces and Dickey's delivered on taste and value when I checked it out during their debut yesterday. The first lucky 100 customers received a free sandwich. Much as I like to mooch I missed the cut but I still got more than my money's worth. Yes, they're an advertiser but I didn't receive a dime for this article. I was going to eat there again today but the line was just too darn long. You have to try it!

P.S. They do have a sweet sauce if that is your preference.

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