Thinkstock[/caption]Yep, I am still a kid at heart. I love to sit down with my kids and watch cartoons. In fact, I get just as much fun out of them as they do.

I attribute this to my childhood. When I was a kid, we had three TV channels at my house and the only time to watch cartoons was on Saturday morning. That was if dad would let me. I believe that because of that, I never filled my need for cartoons as a child. Apparently I am making up for lost time. OK, that's my excuse.

One thing I have noticed is the quality of cartoons over the years. New cartoons don't really make sense to me. In fact, most of them I find stupid and of low quality.

Give me Mickey Mouse or the Roadrunner and I am golden. They didn't even have to speak in some of those cartoons and I knew exactly what was going on. Also, I have never dropped an anvil on anyone's head. Just saying.

What do you prefer? New or old?

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