So, while we had some time off last week I went to Cincinnati to visit my mom and move some furniture to Dubuque, Iowa for Maddy. Everyone knows you can't go to Cincy and not eat at Skyline Chili.

The place was packed, as usual, and the waitresses were really hustling, busting their butts. While I'm sitting there waiting for my 4 Cheese Coneys, in walks John Boehner, former Speaker of the House during President Obama's administration. I spotted him right away and some others had their picture taken with him as he was leaving. After he got into his Cadillac Escalade with Florida plates (he has a beautiful home in Florida while he's not living in his mansion in West Chester, Ohio), I left and noticed his table. When I got to the car outside I was so mad I turned around and went back inside and took a picture of his tip.

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Yup. This beneficiary of our tax dollars for all those years, a former lobbyist for the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the recipient of a nice fee for his recent book blasting President Trump left a measly $2.75 tip to this waitress. You know, champion of the hard-working middle class? Two dollars and seventy-five cents. His bill had to be at least be 20 bucks, even at 15% that would be a $3 tip. He was one Republican that I never really did like and this example of his character just reinforced that for me. I know it's a free country and everyone can tip how they see fit, but this man should have known better. This Never Trumper is now a Never Tipper. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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