There is a huge interest in the Chinese balloon that invaded our air space. So just in case we have more readers from outside of our state checking out our articles, I thought I'd fill them in on how things tend to work here in the 406.

For starters, that balloon didn't get shot out of the sky because it was just too high up. Although I have no doubt that a couple of shots were taken at it. It's hard to find a road sign on any Montana gravel road that doesn't have bullet holes in it. So, taking a shot or two at some balloon is not a really big stretch.

Also, a couple of weeks back I had written about an upcoming coyote derby. This is not where you win your very own coyote. Also, it's not a long E sound on the end of the word "coyote". Even the actors in Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone' get that one right.


We drive our sports cars up to the ski hills. Then we put skinny sticks on our feet and slide down that mountain.

And those same cars and every pickup that you drive by most likely have a gun (or two) in it. That's why we have less road rage here. That and because if a rage incident runs into a chase down some gravel road, everybody who lives here can fly down any gravel like we're one of the Dukes Of Hazzard. But I'm not sure where you'd find our version of Daisy Duke.

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