I play a lot of golf. Not because I'm so good at it. But because I like being outdoors. With beer.

I get invited to play with a lot of different people during the year. I don't play with just anybody. I have a few standards that you have to be able to meet before you and I spend 18 holes together in a cart.

First, you've got to be able to make consistent contact. If you're going to whiff your tee shot or top it and have it go ten feet, you're gonna need your own cart. Go shoot you 150 someplace else.

I also won't play with you if you sing, spend your round on your phone, or are rude to the gals in the clubhouse. They see hundreds of you funny, PGA-bound guys every day. Please over-tip them and let's get to the number ten tee box.

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If you make the cut, and you are riding shotgun with me, you'll notice that I've brought a lot of gear. And the first item is a Wingman Speaker. This plays my various playlists built just for the course. Choose from "Nothing But Neil (Diamond)", "Saturdays" (which contains only songs that sing SATURDAY in them), and "Fairway To Heaven".

We have several ways to see how far out we are. There's a button on top of the speaker that you push to get the distance to the middle of the green. And I have two handheld range finders that will give you the exact distance to the pin. I use these, but rarely hit pins from more than three feet away.

Golfing with me also includes financial advice, improving the lie of your drives, and endless firearms knowledge.

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