I know a few. But there are not many people in my circle who haven't embraced all of the things with the internet, smartphones, or social media.

My buddy Scott is the only person I know that isn't on Facebook. And I'm jealous. I only got on Facebook because it's what our company wanted. As they are a digital company, I get it. And, it's how I keep track of the birthdays that I announce on air.

My mom uses the internet. But barely. My niece set her laptop up with a shortcut that Mom uses to do her three hours of bible study every morning. But mom doesn't shop online.

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Then there's my stepmother. She absolutely, positively will not ever take part in the "biggest-waste-of time-that-I've-ever-heard-of" internet, even if you paid her a million dollars. So it should come as no surprise that she also doesn't own a smartphone. And when I told her that these old phones won't work pretty soon, she said, "Then I'll go back to writing letters."

Good for her.

The one internet issue that I keep running into is being asked to sign into a Google account. And I won't do that because I don't HAVE a Google account. And if computers really do listen to what we say, then they should know not to bother me with that sign-in screen.

So if a restaurant, car dealership, or grocery store wants feedback about my experience doing business with them, they can't make me sign into Google.

Sincerely, everybody who didn't grow up with computers running our lives.

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