I have to tell you that I love radio.I have been doing it since I was 15 years old and have broadcast in various different parts of the country which has been exciting to say the least. Hosting my own show was something that I dreamed of doing since I was a little kid.

When I first started I was told that I would either love it or hate it and there was no in between. They couldn't have been more right with that statement.

It's days like today that the love for the business comes in really handy.

The Breakfast Flakes have been on vacation all week and their fill in for this week got sick yesterday. That means I get to pull a double shift...and yes, it's all live radio meaning I am sitting in studio pushing all of the buttons. No pre-recording for this guy.

I went on air at 5 this morning and will take a short break to have Karen Gallagher do her thing from 10-2 and then I am right back on to drive you home on my normal time slot from 2-7.

Any and all donations of Mountain Dew are graciously accepted! lol!

Try not to get too tired of me today and let's have some fun on a Friday!