Where are you at on the whole "bag your own groceries" discussion? I've seen a little bit of grumbling on social media about it. I don't know why. I prefer bagging my own groceries because it's almost always faster than having to wait behind somebody in the checkout line. Then take your turn loading your haul onto the belt while whoever is scanning the UPC codes evaluates your selections, then comments on what they think you might have planned. "Three pounds of ground beef, two packages of buns, and a twelve-pack of beer. SOMEBODY is having a barbeque".

When I get comments about the thirty pack of Coors Light I put it on the belt, I always just tell them "I have a HUGE drinking problem and these 30 won't last me until noon."

So, as a time-saver, I will always check my own unless I have a cart full of items, simply because the tiny amount of space that you have to set your items that are already checked is so tiny. I don't want my groceries to turn into some giant game of Jenga.

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Now, back to the complainers. Some of you who don't want to have to bag your own are the same people who don't mind going back up to the buffets three or four times and piling more food on your plates.

Something to consider: there are people in our society who are painfully shy and hate when they have to interact with anyone. Even someone who is checking their groceries. I realize that now you can have somebody do your shopping and some places will even deliver to your home. But many don't know how to navigate the technology to make that happen.

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