Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with LittleFreeLibrary.org, so I'm not vouching for their credibility as a nonprofit, I just think this is a great idea.

Some people think that reading is an outmoded hobby, but there are still millions of people, young and old, who love the feel of a good old fashioned book in their hand. Not only are people who read regularly proven to be more intelligent, but reading is believed to exercise a different part of your brain than watching a video. To put it a little simpler: Reading is good.

I was on a walk a couple of weeks ago when I encountered this little mailbox looking thing. I'm probably late to the party on this one, but I had never seen this before. The idea is simple, if you need one, take one; if you have one, leave one. Now, these little structures like the one pictured look very well crafted, but they're definitely not cheap. I'm certain there are plenty of DIY plans on the net if you'd like to get something like this in your yard.

I didn't take a book from this Little Library because I didn't have one to leave (that isn't a requirement, just a personal choice). I plan on taking a book with me the next time I walk by and doing a swap.

Books, and the honor system...how nostalgic is that?

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