Sometimes you just have to get away. And that’s what we did this weekend.

We packed up the car and headed west and tried to unwind. I even read a book, which means I was able to unplug from everything.  A much needed relaxing escape. Until the drive back late yesterday afternoon.

We hit Livingston about 5 last night and could see the threatening skies ahead. It looked like a nice storm was kicking up. So we pulled off at the Golden Arches and shared some fries, thinking the storm would move on and we would be far enough behind it. All I can say is, at least we gave it some thought.

After about 30 minutes, we hit the road again with the thought that we had out smarted Mother Nature. Well, she showed us. About ten minutes west of Livingston we ran into strong wind gusts, then there was rain and then the hail hit. I mean hit!

This was my first time driving in a Montana hail storm. Now, I have driven in blinding snowstorms in the Rockies and Alaska, Nor’ Easter storms in NW Washington, and Monsoon rains in the desert. But never hail like this.

It felt like someone was throwing rocks at the car. We continued for a couple more minutes and then found shelter in a culvert under the freeway. We found ourselves joined by some other smart motorists and we all waited things out for 15 minutes.

Glad to say the rest of the drive home was uneventful. But I am looking for better advice when it comes to driving in a hail storm. Anyone have any advice? Please share.

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