We live in a day and age where flaunting what you have has become an acceptable behavior. Anymore it seems the more the merrier when showing a little or a lot of skin.

I know what I am about to say will not be a popular thing but in my eyes the respect of one's body should be important. Especially when raising little girls.

I have one of those little girls. She will be 2 soon and to be honest, with as bad as it is today I am afraid of what it will be when she grows into a young woman.

I believe instilling that respect and those values are very important at a very young age.

As I walked through Walmart in the Billings Heights recently, I noticed they had their swimsuits out. A lot of them were two piece going down to the smallest size.

You may be asking what is wrong with that? If my little girl is swimming I want the most minimal chance of a wardrobe malfunction. To me, that is having her in a one piece.

We already have perverts trying to do everything they can to take advantage of females.

Why would I want to encourage that anymore than it already is?

Just my two cents on a very controversial subject.

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